Finding the right employees for your business can be a challenge, and recruiting is not as simple as placing an ad and hoping for the best. Businesses are focused on surviving uncertain circumstances and candidates are feeling at a disadvantage looking for work during the pandemic.

Many people have had the time and opportunity to evaluate their career paths. We are seeing a trend toward making career changes and seeking new employment opportunities.

At our busy recruitment practice in Winnipeg, while some organizations are taking advantage of this time to recruit high-quality talent, other companies are finding that they have important staffing gaps to fill.

Many business owners may have been lucky in their hiring process in the past. They may even assume that such a critical task is easy. However, doing due diligence is critical to finding the best person for the job and can ensure costly hiring mistakes are avoided. Background and record checks, confirming degrees and checking references all take time and expertise to do well. When faced with hundreds of applicants, these important details can often be overlooked. You are more likely to make mistakes while rushing to get someone hired quickly. Many business owners make bad hiring decisions while trying to keep up with daily operational needs, without adequate time to review resumes and conduct interviews.

What happens if you hire the wrong person? There are many ways that making the wrong hiring decision can severely impact a business:
  • Poor morale
  • Disruption to customers and colleagues
  • Lost productivity
  • Financial losses
  • Damage to an organization’s reputation
Working with a recruitment agency can help prevent problematic hiring decisions.  

Recruiters will take the time to get to know your corporate culture. They will research appropriate candidates, assessing fit from many perspectives. Quality recruiters go the extra mile to ensure that they aren’t just finding a warm body to fill a vacancy, and this highly skilled service requires training, time and experience.

As experienced recruiters and HR consultants in Winnipeg, we understand that the amount of time necessary to review and verify the information of numerous job seekers can be extensive. Getting to know your business, the specifics of the role you need to fill, and the pool of available talent is our specialty. Our work is guaranteed, and if we recommend a new hire who doesn’t work out, we will work with you to find one who does.

Use your time to grow your business and let us do the heavy lifting when it comes to hiring.

Our recruitment services provide the professional insight and careful consideration necessary to narrow the field and provide you with a pre-qualified selection of exceptional candidates to choose from. To learn more about how F.H. Black & Company puts a fresh spin on recruiting, contact us today.