Friday, March 13, 2020

As COVID-19 becomes officially announced as a pandemic, we all must sit up and pay attention to what this could mean for our employees, first and foremost, and to do our part in stopping the spread of this virus. We recognize that it is also important for our businesses to continue to function as normally as possible in the coming days and weeks. CPHR Manitoba released this news bulletin that we thought might be useful to share.

As you know as employers, you are not required to pay sick time, however, many employers are now amending their policies temporarily to address this so that employees do not come to work sick. You may wish to proactively consider the set-up of remote connections from employees’ homes as part of your contingency plan, so employees who are not sick but who may be required to stay home can still continue to work.

In light of the current environment, it is prudent to have a plan in place as things continue to escalate. Please click the link below for some good advice on what employers should consider. 

Stay safe everyone!