September 10, 2018

From Tax to Tasks, We’ve got You Covered.

As a business owner, you understand how much time and effort it takes to succeed.  The ins and outs of the business world can often be challenging to navigate, with ever-changing workplace legislations, taxation updates and modernized financial practices.  We want to help.  Our professional and versatile team here at F. H. Black & Company is both knowledgeable and experienced in all facets of business and are prepared to assist you with almost any task.  As a valued client, we encourage you to utilize our firm as a resource for services that fall outside of our traditional accounting practice, some of which are listed below:

  • Employee Workplace Harassment – Protect Your Business from a Devastating Claim!

Recent amendments to the Workplace Health & Safety Act require businesses in Manitoba to take immediate action!  2018 media headlines of the “Me Too” movement and “No More” may seem like someone else’s problem. The sad truth is, harassment is pervasive in all industries.

Recent court decisions have come down hard on small businesses right here in Winnipeg, in some cases crippling them, when employee harassment claims are not properly addressed.   Most business owners do not understand what behaviors or inaction can be defined as workplace harassment.  More than ever, employers mustunderstand their obligations and requirements in this critical, high risk area.  From policy development, employee conflict resolution to thorough workplace harassment investigations, our skilled, professional human resource team will work directly with your organization to ensure you’re protected, compliant and informed.

  • Professional Software Expertise Suited to Your Specific Business Needs

We are QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online Pro-Advisors.  This allows us to provide you with subscription price savings of 50% for the first year and into the future.  We are specialists when it comes to accounting software, and can help you with any needs you may have, including but not limited to the following:

Software Conversions– Is your software outdated?  We believe strongly in QuickBooks products and can expertly assist you with the upgrade and conversion.

Software Implementation– Are you opening a new business or require a fresh set of books?  We are able to help you set-up your QuickBooks software in the most effective way for your business.

Software Training– We love being able to sit with our clients and their staff to train them on how to effectively use the software and utilize all functionality. Our professional guidance and training will allow you to make more informed management and business decisions.

  • Theft in the Workplace: What You Need to Know

You’re busy, you trust your staff, and most often your trust is well placed.  However, our firm has recently been involved in a number of client situations involving a “long term loyal employee” not being so loyal after all. Disappointing but all too common, employees can feel resentful and entitled to help themselves to your bank account.

A strong set of internal controls is vital in protecting your company against employee theft.  Our team has a vast range of experience and knowledge to assess your business processes and provide recommendations to develop or improve the effectiveness of your internal control procedures.

  • Succession Planning Involving the Sale of Your Business

As an entrepreneur, you have put your blood, sweat, and likely a few tears into growing your business into the successful operation that it is today. As the next phase of your life starts to unfold, you might be thinking: “Now what? When will I be able to retire? Will I be able to sell my business? Who should I sell to and for how much?”  An effective succession plan provides for a smooth transition of your business, while maximizing your after-tax proceeds from the business sale.

Are you a business owner looking to sell all or a portion of your business?

The sale of business shares can occur on a tax free basis for the owner, provided the business meets certain criteria prior to and on the date of sale.

Planning on selling your business to a current employee?

Employees can save up to $202,500 annually on the purchase price of business shares, provided the business meets certain eligibility criteria.

  • Use Our Team of Administrative Professionals to Collect Your A/R

Our team of administrative professionals have been assisting clients with a myriad of important but time consuming projects for over 20 years.  Their vast knowledge of business operations ensures they will offer you a unique “hands on” approach and will get the job done.  Our team is well versed in professionally and proficiently collecting accounts receivable, and is able to do so for your business as if they were an internal employee.  Let our resourceful and highly competent administrative team tackle those long overdue tasks and projects and use your time where it’s most effective – growing your business.

Experience the benefits that come with working alongside our professional team at F.H. Black & Company.  Contact any of the Partners below for more information or for an in person meeting.



Susan Black, CPHR                                                                        Cari Franco-Blahnik, CPA

Partner, Director of Human Resources                               Partner, Director of Public Practice | Ext. 15                                  | Ext. 27


Jordan Blahnik, CPA                                                         Renee Rocan, CPA

Partner, Public Practice Manager                                       Partner, Public Practice Manager | Ext. 34                                 |  Ext. 36


Yours truly,

Harry Black, FCPA, FCMA
Managing Partner